Jetsunma speaks about her upcoming CD, A Lineage of Queens, and the newly released Trilogy, a three-song sampling from that CD:

"This music of A Lineage of Queens is, for me, a work of love for the spirit and heart of women, and men who are progressive. It speaks to the lack of empowerment and quality of life that one half the world's population experiences.


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The Promise
The Blessing

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In many places, and for a long time, women have been considered property, servants, unequal.

Yet the Buddha teaches and, I believe, that all sentient beings — ALL without exception — are equal in their nature and potential. It is my dream and prayer to tell them so.

How odd that the very women who are the mothers of
nations and their leaders are not allowed, in many places,
to have a voice.

Here is my offering. Call it view, if you will. A different
view of our mothers, sisters, daughters, friends, lovers, grandmothers, wives. It is the way of women to think
as tribal leaders. We don’t climb on top of anybody
to get power. We are mothers of the World Tribe.
We care for the way of LIFE. And all must benefit

My great hope is that we will rise together, see
our true nature, and offer our love and wisdom
to all.

Love like that can heal the world.

Trilogy is a taste of this message."



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Trilogy now available on CD!

At last! "Trilogy” by Jetsunma is available as a CD!  Jetsunma’s work as an artist is unprecedented:  the spiritual power of Buddhism as only the open-hearted love of a woman--a mother, a daughter, a sister, a lover--can express.

Oh, and we just have to shout out about this!   (Whoo! Whoo!)  CD Baby has named “Trilogy” an Editor’s Pick!   With a release as revolutionary, as hard to pin down as “Trilogy,” we're absolutely thrilled to have the support of these industry movers and shakers!  Because, like all of Jetsunma’s music, "Trilogy" is a little bit Buddhist—and a little bit rock ‘n roll!




Trilogy CD cover, music from Jetsunma

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What musicians are saying

Musicians who participated in this project were Tex Gabriel (John Lennon's post-Beatles guitarist), Jimmy Mack (former bass player for Sly and the Family Stone), and drummer/keyboard player Louis Winfield.  Here's what the musicians are saying.

“Working on Jetsunma’s CD has been a fun and inspiring experience. I’ve really enjoyed playing with such talented musicians as Tex and Louis, and I’m honored to be a part of such a worthwhile project.

“We had many great composing moments together, but the most special was when we worked on the music for the Phowa song. When Tex, Louis and I did the first run-through, everything gelled perfectly, and we only did one more take for the final version. I was so moved by what was happening that I had to leave the studio to re-focus before playing some more...and when I saw that Jetsunma was also moved to tears, I knew we’d gotten it right.” - Jimmy Mack

But the most fascinating testimony came from that cynical old man of music, noted guitar player Tex Gabriel. Usually taciturn, Tex seemed to gush with explanations as he tried to understand what had just happened.

“At first I thought it was just going to be another run through… but then we became captured by it. It was an incredible feeling… transcendent… hypnotic… like an altered state of consciousness.”

He tried to describe “a moment meant to be left alone,” and marveled how on Louis’ first day -- and without practice --he had incredibly fit right in and "played perfectly". He went on to comment, “All three of us felt as though the moment was like a gift for us. I got goosebumps.”

But perhaps the most succinct observation came from Ani Dawa Dellamula who was actually present for the moment: “When I left the studio I was not the same person who had entered.”


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